Upgrade RLink-PPC for Unlimited Debugging

Software license allowing upgrade of RLink PPC standard versions for unlimited debugging on target PowerPC core-based microcontrollers

Order : Upgrade-RLink-PPC-PRO

617 €
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Upgrade to RLink-PPC-Pro is a software license that allows users to upgrade standard versions of the RLink-PPC for unlimited debugging of applications on supported target PowerPC core-based microcontrollers.

The standard versions of the RLink (Raisonance order code: RLink-PPC-STD) allow debugging of up to 64 Kbytes of code in RAM or Flash memory.

The Upgrade to RLink-PPC-Pro is provided as an upgrade by electronic file only and is available only from Raisonance and Raisonance distributors. To upgrade their RLink-PPC-STD, users must provide the serial number of their "standard" version along with their order. Users can use the buy on line with credit card payment, email their order to Raisonance, or contact a Raisonance distributor.

How to read the RLink serial number...