Ride7 & RKit-ARM Software Installation

Instructions for Download, Installation and Activation

You have ordered a Raisonance RLink, REva, EvoPrimer or Open4 Primer for ARM core-based MCUs. Your product includes the "Lite" version for the supporting Ride7 and RKit-ARM software tool set.

Follow the instructions below to download, install and activate your software.



#1 Download & Install the Software

  • Download both the Ride7 and RKit-ARM installations from the table below.

Warning: Uninstall any previous versions of Ride7 and/or Raisonance RKits before running the installers below.

  • Install Ride7 first.
  • Then install RKit-ARM.
Name Release date Limitations File
Ride7 right level 0
May 25, 12 - Includes RFlasher
RKit-ARM right level 0
Aug 13, 12 - Unlimited compiler
- Unlimited programming
- Debugging capabilities depend on RLink (Pro = Debug Unlimited, Standard = Debug up to 64 KB if RAM/Flash > 64 KB, 1/2 of memory space if RAM/Flash < 64 KB)

#2 Create your Support Account

For support assistance and software activation, you will need to create an account on the Raisonance Support extranet site

An email is sent to you automatically. Click on the link provided in that message to enable your account. If you encounter problems, notify support@raisonance.com





#3 Activate Your Software in Ride7

Activate the software with your RLink, or hardware that includes an embedded RLink (REva, EvoPrimer or Open4). To activate the software, the PC must be connected to the internet and the user must have administrator rights under Windows.

Note: If you do not activate the software, it will function for 30 days in an evaluation mode. After 30 days it will stop functioning.

  • Launch Ride7
  • Connect your RLink, REva, EvoPrimer or Open4 to a USB port on the PC
  • Select Help > License...
  • Select RLink Activation, click on Next

Ride detects your RLink, REva, EvoPrimer or Open4 and reads its serial number.

  • Click on Next
  • Click on Get Activation code online

This opens a browser window to the Raisonance Support extranet. In this form:

  • Enter your username and email
  • Click on Generate and Send Activation code

An e-mail with the Activation code is sent to you automatically.

  • Copy the Activation code into the field provided in Ride7
  • Click on Close

Ride7 and RKit-ARM software have been activated.


You can confirm the activation of your RKit ARM tool set. In Ride7, click on Help > About Ride7... When correctly activated, the license for RKit-ARM for Ride7, will indicate "Lite".