Full-Featured, Low-Cost Development Kit for STMicroelectronics

6 Jul 2005 - Raisonance and STMicroelectronics Announce a Full-Featured, Low-Cost Development Kit that Speeds Design of Cost-Sensitive Applications

Raisonance announces immediate availability a new toolchain for the ST7 family from STMicroelectronics. In addition, Raisonance offers a new ST7 Starter Kit (ST7LITE-SK). This Starter Kit includes a REva mother Board a serial protocol dongle (RLink) and three Daughter boards allowing to make In-Circuit Programming and In-Circuit Debugging on the user board via the USB connection.


STMicroelectronics (STM), a leader in 8-bit microcontrollers, today announced availability of a low-cost development tool for the ST7Lite 8-bit microcontroller family, which is widely used in cost-sensitive applications such as lighting systems, home appliances, alarms, and air conditioning. The new ST7FLITE-SK/RAIS development kit is part of the REva series from the microcontroller support company Raisonance, and is available with a suggested resale price of just $149.00. The release marks the beginning of a whole new generation of compatible tools for most of ST's microcontroller products, including ST7, uPSD, and ARM-based MCUs.


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