Full-Featured, Low-Cost Development Kit for STMicroelectronics

Full-Featured, Low-Cost Development Kit for STMicroelectronics

Full-Featured, Low-Cost Development Kit for STMicroelectronics

6 July 2005 -- Raisonance announces immediate availability a new toolchain for the ST7 family from STMicroelectronics. In addition, Raisonance offers a new ST7 Starter Kit (ST7LITE-SK). This Starter Kit includes a REva mother Board a serial protocol dongle (RLink) and three Daughter boards allowing to make In-Circuit Programming and In-Circuit Debugging on the user board via the USB connection.

STMicroelectronics (STM), a leader in 8-bit microcontrollers, today announced availability of a low-cost development tool for the ST7Lite 8-bit microcontroller family, which is widely used in cost-sensitive applications such as lighting systems, home appliances, alarms, and air conditioning. The new ST7FLITE-SK/RAIS development kit is part of the REva series from the microcontroller support company Raisonance, and is available with a suggested resale price of just $149.00. The release marks the beginning of a whole new generation of compatible tools for most of ST's microcontroller products, including ST7, uPSD, and ARM-based MCUs.

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About Raisonance brand tools from IoTize SAS

IoTize SAS (www.iotize.com) provides a range of IoT connectivity solutions for microcontroller-based embedded systems (IoTize M-line) and systems implementing an industry standard system BUS (IoTize S-Line). IoTize solutions are designed for plug'n play retrofit of existing system designs thus reducing time-to-market and risks associated with migration to the IoT.

The Raisonance brand application development tools from IoTize support designers in creating, editing, debugging and programming their embedded microcontroller applications. Available under the Raisonance brand since 1988, this business unit serves customers that include leading component manufacturers and professional engineers worldwide. With expertise in both hardware and software design, the company offers innovative, high quality, cost effective tools that include compiler tool sets, integrated development environment, hardware starter kits and promotional products for 8 and 32-bit microcontroller technologies. Supported core technologies include industry standard ARM, 8051 and PowerPC, as well as several proprietary architectures.


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