Software Packages for STM8, ST7

Software Toolset Features for STM8, ST7

This page provides an overview of the features and policies associated with each type of Raisonance RKit software package supporting STMicroelectronics' STM8 and ST7 core based microcontrollers - Evaluation, Lite and Enterprise.


  Basic Lite Enterprise

Included  with Raisonance hardware tools.

Limitations apply.
1-year support, updates.


Limitations apply.
1-year direct support, updates.


Full featured.
1-year direct support, updates.

RKit Software Tools
Device support STM8, ST7 STM8, ST7 STM8, ST7
Output code size limitation Output code up to
2 KB

Output code up to
32 KB

Code optimization Yes Yes Yes
Ride7 integrated development environment
Code editing Yes Yes Yes
Project manager Yes Yes Yes
Integrated compiler controls Yes Yes Yes
Simulator Yes Yes Yes
Debug controls
(run, step, ... )
Yes Yes Yes
Debug views Yes Yes Yes
Debug code size limitation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Script controls
(C, C++, JScript)
No  No Yes
(external tools)
No No Yes

Code Compressor

Post link code optimizer Yes* Yes* Yes
RFlasherProgramming Interface
Programming interface Yes Yes Yes
  FAQ & Doc Yes Yes Yes
  Extranet Yes Yes Yes
  Forum Yes Yes Yes
  Email No Yes Yes
  Phone No Yes Yes
  Response in: - 2 working days 2 working days


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