Debug MCUs Over Wireless (NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi)

TapNLink-Primer debugging and programming tool

Ride7 adds TapNLink wireless modules for MCU debugging over-the-air.

The Raisonance software tools, Ride7 (v. with RKit-ARM ( now support TapNLink for programming and debugging Cortex M-based microcontrollers.

TapNLink modules connect on the microcontroller's debug (a.k.a. SWD) port. Using TapNLink, Ride7 users can now program their MCU's Flash and establish a debug session over a wireless channel (NFC, Bluetooth / BLE, Wi-Fi) between their PC and their application board. Programming using RFlasher7 is also supported.

Compiling, debugging and programming are not code-size limited for TapNLink. No software license or license activation of Ride7 and RKit-ARM is required.

TapNLink Primer NFC/Bluetooth evaluation kits are available from IoTize distributors Digi-Key and Ahlers. Suggested Retail Price: $39.00 (shipping and handling not included).

Free software downloads:

Documents about debugging with TapNLink: