Raisonance-NXP LPC1700

Raisonance Offers Complete Development Solution for NXP ARM Cortex-M3 Family

RLink-PRO debugs and programs NXP LPC1700 Devices

Montbonnot France, 25 February 2010 - The newest release of the RKit-ARM, which defines device support for Ride7 and RLink, now adds support of the NXP LCP1700 ARM Cortex-M3™ core-based family for code compiling, device programming and application debugging.

Raisonance today released RKit-ARM with device support for the LPC1700, NXP’s ultra-high speed ARM Cortex-M3™ core-based family – touted as the fastest Cortex-M3 based device running 28 – 64% faster than competitors. With this latest release of RKit-ARM, users of Ride7 and Rlink can now compile and debug application code for the LPC1700 family.


Raisonance's software tool line is founded on the Ride7 integrated development environment, which provides an intuitive and free Windows interface for coding, compiling, and debugging application software. Ride7 provides fully integrated control of the GCC C compiler for ARM. The GCC C compiler, which is delivered for free as an integral part of the Raisonance application solution, has been carefully adapted and optimized by Raisonance to provide the best results when developing deeply embedded applications for LPC1700 and other families of ARM core-based MCUs. Unlimited versions of all software tools are available in for Free download on the Raisonance internet site.


Ride7, in conjunction with Raisonance RLink allows users to quickly and easily create their first applications, program them to a target LPC1700 device and debug the application code while it runs on the target MCU. For debugging and device programming, the RLink provides a versatile, robust and cost-effective solution for engineering and production. The RLink “Professional” version of the tool provides unlimited programming and debugging via a JTAG or SWD interface with the target MCU on the user’s application board. The RLink “Standard” tool provides a very low-cost solution for production programming, or for evaluation of the Raisonance debugging tools. For less that 100.00 Euros ($150.00 USD), the RLink Standard allows unlimited programming of all supported targets, including the LPC1700 family. In addition, is allows users to debug up to 32 Kbytes of codes in RAM or Flash memory – thus making it useful for evaluation of tools and the target device. The RLink Standard is quickly and easily upgraded to a “Professional” tool for unlimited debugging with the purchase of an electronic license from Raisonance. 



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Raisonance is a leading manufacturer and supplier of development and validation tools, serving customers that include leading component manufacturers and professional engineers around the world since 1988. With extensive technical expertise in both hardware and software design, Raisonance offers innovative, high quality, cost effective tools for microcontroller application development and smart card system validation. Working with industry leaders, Raisonance has developed compiler toolsets, integrated development environment, hardware starter kits and industry leading Primer promotional tools serving application development ona wide range of devices from * to 32-bits. Supported core technologies include industry standard 8061, ARM and PowerPC, as well as proprietary architectures.


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