PrimerNurse Takes Top Award in Design Contest

Grenoble, 26 March 2012 -- In an awards ceremony at STMicroelectronics in Grenoble France, the application "Intelligent Primer Nurse" won the STM32 OpenWorld Contest's Grand Prize.




Top Award for Medical Monitoring Application

STM32 OpenWorld Winner - IntelligentPrimerNurse

The product of three Czechoslovakian students, the "Intelligent Primer Nurse" is a portable system for monitoring a patient's vital signs while minimizing constraints that monitoring places on patient mobility. Ideally a patient could be monitored throughout their daily activities while vital signs and condition warnings are retransmitted to a central monitor via blue tooth and internet connections. Currently the application monitors heart conditions with an electrocardiogram (ECG) and photopletysmogram (PPG) and alarms for high and low heart rates and long inactivity.


The Grand Prize included a $5000 cash award and EvoPrimer/Open4 with unlimited software license.


Transportation Winner -TravelToCityThe "Travel to City" application, created by a French engineer, won the $4000 SMTC Transportation award sponsored by the Grenoble transportation authority, the SMTC and a $1000 Honorable mention in the general awards.


"Travel to City" combines a GPS locator and transportation map to provide the user with route planning including correspondences, directions and status on the user's progression. For sight impaired users, the application use the voice audio to provide instructions. When a the user is lost, the application uses the GPS network to contact an assisting person and provide the users location.


Other applications receiving awards included:

  • $3000 Second Prize - AMIWheelChair, produced by a team of 10 French students. This application is designed to assist wheelchair bound persons with route and obstacle information and wheelchair use information for doctors and coaches assisting them.
  • $1500 Third Prize - EvoMouse, created by two  brothers from India. This application provides a USB mouse that allows a sight impaired user control PC applications. It includes audio information about the software controls that are executed (Open application, Close application, Save file, etc.) so that the sight impaired user is aware actions as they are executed.
  • $1000 Honorable Mention - "OxiCheck" an application by a Polish engineer that uses optical sensors to measure heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.


STM32 OpenWorld contest winners and sponsors


Prizes in this third edition of the contest for the stm32circle community were awarded to Human Assistance Applications- implementations of technology that help people with handicaps or limiting medical conditions participate more actively in daily life by facilitating access to transportation, public places, and public services.


The contest was organized in the context of the Autonomie project, with prize sponsoring from the SMTC (Grenoble metropolitan transit authority), STMicroelectronics and ST-Ericsson. More information about the Autonomie project is provided on the Autonomie web site.


Projects were built on EvoPrimer / Open4 platforms for STM32. All hardware modifications are described in the project information.


All of the source code for the contest applications is available for free download at




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